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Funniest Self- Help Hack

You want to think and be more positive? Using a safe word is a great self care hack for positive thinking. A safe word is a handpicked word used to interrupt negative thoughts and bring attention back to positive thoughts. You can read more about this positive thinking life hack in my book, Safe Word.

Choose whatever word you like. Don't overthink it. Your safe word should roll off the tongue and be easy to remember. My positive thinking safe word is pineapples.

Why Pineapples

I'm guilty of taking myself and life way too serious sometimes. I even throw the occasional pity party - where I play the victim and agonize over even the smallest decisions. I wanted a safe word that would instantly lift my mood, make me laugh and shift my energy. If start getting stressed and depressed about negative thoughts a joke can lighten the mood.

After a little thought I remembered Kevin Harts safety word joke from Laugh at My Pain , comedy special. During his stand-up set Kevin Hart says he uses a safety word when he feels uncomfortable. He runs the audience through some hilarious scenarios before screaming piiiinnnneeeeaaaaaappppples. It never gets old, I laugh every time. Sometimes I imitate his tone and dear from Laugh at My Pain; other times I quietly say my safe word to myself. Either way it still works the same. Pineapples reminds me its not that serious. ad not to stress about the things I cannot control. It also reminds me I have a lot to be grateful for and the affirmations I believe about myself.

Benefits of a Safe Word

Self care life hacks are my favorite. This particular hack has helped me practice mindfulness. Since I started using a safe word, I am more self- aware of my thoughts. I can decipher productive and counterproductive thoughts by my mood and stress level. Thinking negatively increase stress, anxiety and depression whilst positive thinking helps me focus on the good and makes me feel optimistic.

What's your safe word? See the inspiration for my safe word below.

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