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Downloadable PDF version of Safe Word. 


Get ready to embark on a mindfulness journey like no other with Tif Boom's "Safe Word" - bringing artistic sass to the world of self-help, "Safe Word," ain't your grandma's guide to positive thinking; it's a poetic riot designed for women who thrive on motivational quotes and unapologetic positivity.


Safe Word is your passport to a mindset makeover, custom-built for focus and self-awareness. Tif serves up a poetic feast that's like a good mood in a book – it's the kind of vibe you need when life's throwing curveballs. Forget the traditional zen stuff; Tif's got a message that's like a shot of espresso for your soul.


But here's the real gem: the concept of a "safe word." It's not just for the bedroom; it's a handpicked word that slaps negativity in the face and ushers in a parade of positive thinking. Tif's got the recipe for turning your thoughts from drab to fab, and it's all in Safe Word.


Each series of poems is a punch of empowerment, and after you've soaked it all in, Tif throws in some mindfulness exercises. It's not just reading; it's a full-on experience. And guess what? There's a safe space provided for you to jot down your reflections – because Tif knows you've got thoughts worth capturing.


So, whether you're flipping to a random page for an instant mood boost or diving into mindfulness activities to conquer the day, Safe Word is your go-to life hack for a boss lady's intentional mindfulness journey. Tif Boom is here to make positivity your daily accessory, one page at a time.



Digital Book: Safe Word

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