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At the core Tif Boom has an infectious attitude that defies excuses and radiates boundless positive energy, inspiring others to embrace hope. Her commitment to minority communities, mental wellness, and the art form of spoken word poetry has positioned Tif Boom as a beacon for social impact and cultural enrichment. Collaborations with industry-leading brands like Footlocker and Chick-Fil-A, as well as involvement with the United Nations Human Rights Organization, underscore the brand's global reach and influence.

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Positive Poetry for Positive Thinking

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Safe Word

Poetic Life Hacks for Better Focus

Get ready to embark on a mindfulness journey like no other with Tif Boom's "Safe Word" -  bringing artistic sass to the world of self-help, "Safe Word" ain't your grandma's guide to positive thinking; it's a poetic riot designed for women who thrive on motivational quotes and unapologetic positivity.

  • Safe Word is your passport to a mindset makeover

  • Tif serves up a poetic feast that's like a good mood in a book 

  • Safe Words - work outside the bedroom; as a handpicked word that slaps negativity in the face 

  • Each series of poems is a punch of empowerment


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Going above and beyond her artistic pursuits, Tif Boom has founded a non-profit organization, Posi People, dedicated to youth empowerment. This initiative creates safe spaces for middle and high school students to express themselves through media and literary arts. Through mentorship programs and artistic outlets, Tif is actively fostering an environment where young minds can flourish, equipping them with the tools and support needed to navigate the challenges of adolescence.

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                    for every 25 books sold. Tif Boom hosts a free mindfulness & meditation workshop for inner-city youth   


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