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1 - On -1 Meditation

Guided by Tif Boom


Author, Poet, Mentor

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Safe Word

Poetic Life Hacks for Better Focus

Safe Word is a useful life hack for those embarking on an intentional mindfulness journey towards self-awareness. 

  • The poetry in Safe Word is a good mood in a book

  • Develop the kind of mindset needed to focus on your goals & eliminate distractions

  • Learn a life hack to evelate the good vibes. Flip to any page for a positive message

  • Explore mindfulness activities to help make the most out of each day

                    for every 25 books sold. Tif Boom hosts a free mindfulness & meditation workshop for inner city youth   


Empowering Youth

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Trained in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Restorative Justice Practices, Spoken Word Poet, Tif Boom has worked with students in South Florida for nearly a decade.


She uses her talents to inspire young people to exercise self-awareness and authentic self-expression through poetry and creative writing.

Located: South Florida 


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